Why match personalities to vacancies

  1. Job performance: Certain jobs require specific temperaments or personality traits to perform well. For example, a customer service representative may need to have strong communication skills, patience, and empathy. If an applicant does not have the right temperament for the job, they may struggle to perform well and could ultimately be less productive.
  2. Fit with company culture: An applicant’s temperament can also be an important factor in determining whether they will fit in with the company culture. If an applicant’s personality or temperament clashes with the company’s values and norms, it could create friction and negatively impact team dynamics.
  3. Employee retention: Hiring employees with the right temperament can increase the likelihood that they will stay with the company long-term. If an employee does not have the right temperament for the job, they may become disengaged or unhappy, leading to higher turnover rates.
  4. Conflict resolution: Hiring employees with the right temperament can also help to minimize conflict in the workplace. For example, an employee with a calm and patient temperament may be better equipped to handle difficult situations or resolve conflicts with colleagues or customers.

Why is this unachievable using current technology

The recruitment process :

Advertise the role  =>Review applicants CV’s => Reject the majority to select the interview pool => Assess soft skills/suitability

has not really changed since Leonardo da Vinci pitched for a job in the 1480s, although technology has made it more efficient. 

The major flaw in the process is that by using current technology the recruiter cannot assess applicants temperaments before discarding the majority to select the interview pool, putting the cart before the horse.  So interview pools are always skewed towards hard skills (CV/LinkedIn).  

How does TR Recruiter’s technology solve this problem

Assessments can provide an insight into applicants temperaments, prior to interview selection.  It is rare to use them at that stage because (1) applicants don’t like spending 20 minutes answering questions about themselves, (2) they are expensive and (3) are often difficult to integrate into existing HR/recruitment IT infrastructure.

With TR Recruiter the applicants simply look into their web/phonecam while we take 6 passport images as part of uploading their CV, the whole process takes 40 seconds.  TR Recruiter matches the applicant’s temperament to that required for the vacancy creating a ranking.  Recruiters use this ranking to select the interview pool.

Using TR Recruiter companies can, by matching applicants’ temperaments to the vacancy, cut their time to fill, reduce attrition and deliver better outcomes.   

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