It seems almost impossible to get a straight answer to the question “How do I eradicate unconscious
bias when recruiting”. People will talk about

  • why you should be more inclusive and diverse when recruiting
  • educating your team
  • include diversity in your recruiting team
  • blah blah blah blah

That all sounds good in theory but it’s not much use when you are looking at 200 applications/CVs with a Time To Fill target

Tool Eradicating Unconscious Bias

What you want (or need) is a tool that eradicates unconscious bias and by doing so improves diversity
and inclusion. You want that tool to be effective, easy to use and painless as well as being compliant
with GDPR and improving your ESG data…

TR Recruiter Improves D&I

The TR Recruiter ATS solves this problem, it eradicates unconscious bias using patented AI and advanced
machine vision, by identifying the applicants in order of best fit for the role (irrespective of ethnicity, age
or gender), immediately identifying the applicants you should be interviewing. The TR Recruiter
effectively provides you with an audit trail illustrating your enhancing of D&I at recruitment. What’s
more it is easy to use, friction free and takes less than 1 minute to set up.

Don’t believe us? Then why not try it on a no obligation free trial and see if you can prove us wrong.

To find out if your company qualifies contact us at this link.

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