Here’s How To Fix It

By creating a platform that allows employers to access data on possible employees, and by opening up vacancies to a wider audience, LinkedIn and jobs boards have changed recruitment.

So why is Recruitment still broken?

Because recruiters believed that the problem was accessing sufficient data on potential employees on which to base an objective decision. While job seekers identified the problem as a lack of access to opportunities. Neither of which are correct. The real reason why recruitment was, and still is broken, is because the employees who make a success of their role, are the ones with the most relevant Soft Skills, and recruitment lacks the tools to identify those soft skills when hiring. So while LinkedIn and jobs boards disseminate data, its still all about Hard Skills, and hiring decisions based upon hard skills are deeply flawed.

Why Soft Skills Are Essential

We often have to work with people that we would not choose to socialise with, but we cannot afford to
ignore them. Without co-operation amongst your work colleagues be they internal or external, the role
becomes harder to achieve as interpersonal skills are the oil that lubricates the machine. If you don’t
use these skills then co-operation and collaboration suffers as does performance.

So Why Are They Ignored by Recruiters

Soft Skills have been difficult to measure. But in the 1990’s psychologists derived the Five Factor Model,
a base line to measure Soft Skills objectively. However until 2020 the only way to measure Soft Skills
was by taking multiple choice tests or playing ‘games’. But that has all changed.

How Can I Fix Recruitment For My Company?

We do have a friction free fix, it can cut your time to fill by 80%, reduce employee churn by 20% and
eradicate Unconscious Bias (thereby improving your Diversity & Inclusion credentials). Used by SMB as
well as Enterprise.

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