The Interview Pool Paradox

The quality of the interview pool determines the quality of the eventual hire. So determining who goes into the pool is critical. Unfortunately this presents the Interview Pool Paradox as

  1. Soft Skills make the difference between a good and a great future employee.
  2. The first time you can evaluate soft skills is at interview 
  3. You make the interview pool selections based upon hard skills (CVs/LinkedIn etc..)

Tech Solutions Defeated by The Paradox

A lot of effort is already spent on trying to attract the right sort of people to apply widening the pool etc.., so there is little room for improvement on that score.  It was thought that key word analysis or ‘resume robots’ were a solution, especially as they could be applied at the optimal part of the recruitment process, that is until they were neutralised by cheat sites. Nevertheless this ignores the fact that CV’s and LinkedIn offer hard skill and not soft skill analysis and gets trapped in the paradox.

A lot more ‘big data’ tech is becoming available to evaluate the interviewees – but its too late in the process. It needs to be available before selections for interview are made, and not after.

What Resolves the Paradox and Improves the Interview Pool?

  • It would need to be applied at the right point in the process – eg in making selections for the interview pool.
  • It would need to be able to assess soft skills 
  • It would need to be quick and easy to use by both applicants and recruiter.

The TR Recruiter beats the Interview Pool Paradox, because it assesses soft skills of every applicant, (using 2 billion data endpoints) while they are applying, all the applicant does is look into their device- cam for 20 seconds. Recruiters can make their selections for the interview pool based upon soft and hard skills, and in doing so immediately improve the interview pool.

So to improve the hiring choice, you need to improve the interview pool, which currently does not happen because of the Interview Pool Paradox. Using TR Recruiter overcomes the Paradox, improving your interview pool.

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