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The problem with recruitment is that,  while every other business process has evolved,  recruiters have, for over 500 years, looked only at hard skills when deciding whether to include an applicant into the interview pool.   

So while technology has improved every other business process, it has not improved the recruiters ability to select the right person for the job.  

Technology  reinvents business models, and finds new forms of operational efficiency.  

This blog is designed to explore how you can optimize, scale, and pioneer more effective recruitment – upon a foundation of sustainable technology.  

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Recruiting Metrics

Recruitment is Broken

Here’s How To Fix It Recruiters acknowledge that it is  the employee’s Soft Skills which determine their success in the role.  Yet HR Tech is

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Recruiting Metrics

Re-Thinking Recruitment

There will be many more applicants for your vacancy with the skills than with the personality that allows them to flourish. So why is the First Cut made on the basis of skills? Using a 500+ year old format – that at best is full of hyperbole?

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