D&I Best Practises

Until best practices have been established for Diversity and Inclusion, accusations of unconscious bias
continues to hover over recruiters. Applying D&I policies is a 2 stage exercise, stage 1 is fixing the issue
at the point of entry, stage 2 is then to clear out any traces of the problem from the body corporate. Until stage 1 is complete the problem of re-infection is present so getting stage 1 right is important.

Name Blind CVs

Name Blind CV’s is the current method of re-enforcing D&I at the recruitment stage. It may be better
than nothing, but some would argue that it cannot discount any difference in writing styles affected by
culture, gender or age. If there is a method using AI on CV’s that could discount these factors then it is
hard to see how it could be deployed. Maybe the problem is not so much the name on the CV but the
CV format itself (which was invented by Leonardo da Vinci applying for a job with Ludovico Sforza – so it is 530 years old), and these days is subject to hyperbole (at best).

Soft Skills or Hard Skills

Being able to do the job is one thing, but unless the successful applicant is going to be a good fit within
the organisation its just not going to work, and employee retention is important. So in a perfect world
the smart approach is going to be (1) identify the people who are going to be the best fit and then (2)
check to see that they can do the job. At Talent Recognition we focus on identifying the people who are
going to be the best fit, as a part of this process we have mapped the optimum psychometric profiles for
over 200 job roles.

Immediately Identify the Applicants with the Best Fit

TR Recruiter immediately identifies those candidates with the best fit for the role, these are the best
people to interview. The process is friction free and applications takes less than a minute.

As the applicant uploads their CV etc they are posed in front of their device-cam and a series of 6 images
are taken. Embedded within the TR Recruiter are patented AI algorithms and advanced machine vision
which generate a matrix of psychometric indices for the applicant in real time. By ranking each applicants’ indices against the job role profile, from their vacancy dashboard, our clients can immediately identify the applicants who are the best fit and prioritise them for interview, without any knowledge of their age, gender or ethnicity, thus removing unconscious bias from the selection process.

If you want to find out more about how to remove unconscious bias from your recruitment process, and
whether your company could qualify for a 30 day free trial.

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