Re-Thinking Recruitment

Biggest Problem in Recruitment

Since Covid has accelerated virtual recruitment, the largest problem in recruitment is identifying the  interview prospects from the applicants.

Using a 500 Year Old Format To Look At The Wrong Data

What makes a good fit?  As a recruiter are you looking for Sheldon Cooper, the person who on paper can best do the job, or are you looking for someone with the right personality who can do the job? After all in terms of employee retention few people leave their job because they believe they cant do the work, they leave because they don’t like the culture/people/supervisors.

There is probably no other process in corporate life which advocates using a format that is more than 500 years old as an essential part of a workflow.  Yet recruiters still rely on the CV to identify the interview candidates.  Given that at least 50% of the applicants will have the skills and experience to fill the vacancy, that to the conscientious recruiter is still 50+ CV’s to evaluate, and Resume Robots are far too easily gamed.

The funnel below illustrates why recruitment KPIs have been hurt by Covid, it takes far too long to identify the interview candidates. Resume Robots, which are easily gamed, are not fit for purpose.

Faster Better Cheaper

So if we accept that what we are really looking for is the candidate with the right personality who can do the job.   Assuming that there are less of these as applicants as there are people with the required skills and experience, the smart move is to identify those with the right personality first, and then check to see if they have the right CV, and not the other way round. 

How many ATS’s have this facility? Just the one.  TR Recruiter

TR Recruiter

At Talent Recognition we focus on identifying the people who are going to be the best fit, as a part of this process we have mapped the optimum psychometric profiles for over 200 job roles.

As the applicant uploads their CV etc they are posed in front of their device-cam and a series of 6 images are taken.  Embedded within the TR Recruiter are patented AI algorithms and advanced machine vision which generate a matrix of psychometric indices for the applicant in real time.  By ranking each applicants’ indices against the job role profile, from their vacancy dashboard, our clients can immediately identify the applicants who are the best fit and prioritise them for interview, without any knowledge of their age, gender or ethnicity, thus removing unconscious bias from the selection process.

Why TR Recruiter?

Simply put if you need to improve your KPI’s then you need to change your recruitment process.  In your experience you know the difficulty is in getting the right person in (the best fit) than getting the right skills. 

So why not try the system that works the way that you want to, rather than struggle with a system that doesn’t.  Ask about whether your company qualifies for a No Obligation 30 days free trial.  To find out more use this Link

There will be many more applicants for your vacancy with the skills than with the personality that allows them to flourish. So why is the First Cut made on the basis of skills? Using a 500+ year old format - that at best is full of hyperbole?

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