Eradicate Unconscious Bias

Blind Skills, Gendered Wording

You may have the spare time and resource to follow the ‘experts’ advice on how to cut unconscious bias such as ‘Introduce Blind Skills Challenges’ (whatever that means) or ‘Remove Gendered Wording’ (presumably from the submitted CVs? – Who has the time?).

The fact is that unconscious bias exists everywhere to some degree – even in random number generators! So it is going to leak into every system,  the trick is to ensure that it does not affect the decision making process when recruiting.  Theoretically where the vacancy is placed can predjudice who responds, but frankly the ubiquity of certain branded jobs-boards effectively eradicates this type of bias. 

Existing Tools - Not Fit For Purpose

The use of  resume robots/key word analysis represents a major pain point for D&I, after all isn’t keyword analysis simply reflecting the bias of the recruiter? Furthermore is it really credible to suggest that removing a person’s name form their CV is going to eradicate any ethnic or gender bias in the recruiter?

The uncomfortable truth is that virtually all the methods described by the experts to remove unconscious bias are really about countering the human recruiter’s bias, and Board members want to protect their companies by having a credible audit trail.

Eradicating Unconscious Bias

So in making that first cut of applicants to interviewees, you could be free of (human) unconscious bias when using TR Recruiter and prove it with an audit trail.  Improving your Diversity & Inclusion credentials. 

TR Recruiter eradicates unconscious bias using patented AI and advanced machine vision, by identifying the applicants in order of best fit for the role (irrespective of ethnicity, age or gender), immediately identifying the applicants you should be interviewing.  The TR Recruiter effectively provides you with an audit trail illustrating your enhancing of D&I at recruitment.  What’s more  it is easy to use, friction free and takes less than 1 minute to set up.

If you are serious about neutralising unconscious bias in your recruitment process why not try TR Recruiter on a no obligation 30 day free trial.  Follow this link to find out if your company qualifies.

Boardrooms are increasingly determined to improve their social credentials. Recruiters need to provide ESG data proving that D&I is upheld when recruiting.

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