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Recruitment Enters the 'E' Age.

28 Years ago recruitment lurched into the ‘e’ age when in 1994 job boards such as Monster, CareerPath and others were launched.  Before then the best way to find your next recruit was via the newspaper’s classifieds.  

With job boards,  companies were able to widen and deepen the pool of talent from which they were able to recruit.  Emails speeded up the process by cutting response time and over the last 10 years the emergence of Artificial Intelligence has solved some of the problems facing the recruiter. 

The emergence of ATS, CRM recruitment Marketing, Onboarding, Candidate and Job Matching, Text Recruiting, Employee Referrals, Background Checkers and others should have made recruitment a lot easier, quicker and effective. 

The Time To Fill Bottleneck – The CV

Yet pre-Covid Time To Fill averages out at 62 days (Source: Workable). So where is the bottleneck?   After sourcing potential recruits the first major task facing the recruiter is what we call the First Cut (which if you want to know more about follow this link).  Refining the list of applicants which during Covid rose to averaging 200+ per vacancy (under £50k) into the shortlist of interviewees.

What input from the applicant do recruiters rely upon to make this First Cut?  The CV.  Although it made its first appearance when Leonardo Da Vinci created the first professional CV, it wasn’t until 60 years ago that the CV became expected as part of the job application and gaming CV’s began in 1984 with the publication of ‘How to write your CV’. 

Resume Robots

The only tool that recruiters have to assess CV’s is the keyword search or Resume Robot.  These are easily fooled, and even if they weren’t the CV takes no account of soft skills, and it is these skills that determine whether the applicant is going to be a good fit. 

Cut out Gaming and Cut the Time To Fill

At Talent Recognition we have a new, patented approach that instantaneously identifies the best applicants to Interview, improves employee retention by 20% and it cannot be gamed.  to find out more……. follow this link

Virtual recruitment and Covid has exploded the number of applicants. TR Recruiter puts the power back into the hands of the recruiter

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